The Power Man Series Powered by MediaVision Limited  is a unique kind of sports where athletes exhibits brute strength, stamina and skills through the lifting, carrying and pulling of heavy duty machines or objects. The competition involves force, stamina, skills, tactics, training and strategy.

Power Man Series will comprise of events designed to suit both the local form of heavy duty activities and a sponsor’s perspective.


The Power Man Series will comprise of the following proposed events:

Loading Race

As the name implies, athletes are expected to carry five object with weight varying between 100kg -150kg through a given distance (50ft or 15m) unto a platform or a truck bed. The athlete who happens to load all the objects on the platform in the fastest time is declared the winner.

Vehicle Pull

This event requires athlete to pull vehicles such as Buses, Trucks, Trams and /or an Air Plane across a 100 ft. /30m course, by hand, in the quickest time possible wearing a harness and a pulling rope.

Dead Lift

This event requires an athlete to lift weights or vehicles up to about 1,100 lb. (500 kg) straight off the ground until knees lock in a standing position. The Lift can be for either maximum weight, maximum repetitions with a fixed weight, or for time whilst holding a single repetition.

Squat Lift

In this event, athletes squat large weights of up to 900 lb. (409 kg) of kegs, bricks, a car, or people on a platform. Weighted objects/kegs are dropped into a cage, one at a time after each successful lift (the event in this case is scored by weight instead of repetitions). The athlete will continue until completion, failure or time expires. The challenge is to lift the objects as many times as possible whilst remaining in a fixed position, with only the strength they can put into their squat to help them.

Super Yoke

The apparatus for this event is made up of a crossbar and two uprights weighing upwards of 400 kg carried across the shoulders for a set distance. Winners to emerge based on fastest time recorded.


Athletes are expected to lift weights with their hands held straight out at each side for as long a time as possible. Winner of this event to emerge based on the time spent in holding up the object.


This comprises of more than two event merged in a single challenge. The Medley Challenge comprises of the following events:

  • Loading heavy objects unto a truck
  • Pushing loaded truck through a distance.
  • Farmer’s Walk
  • Super Yoke

The Power Man Series is opened to all after the stipulated requirements (Weight, Medicals & Registration) are met.

Cash prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners at the end of the event.